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Article writing

Writing Content: Is there a better way?

You. An Agency. Me. Which works best for your practice?

Writing is an important part of the marketing, growth and development of your business. But how and when is it supposed to get done?

Your practice needs to produce regular content – whether articles or blogs for your newsletter and website, or material for a wider audience. This writing plays a critical role in establishing your trust and credibility among your peers, your existing clients and your potential clients.

You know it’s important. But is it easy?

Are you writing your own content?

 Do you . . .

  • Sometimes get stuck for ideas?
  • Spend hours turning your outline into a polished piece you’re happy with?
  • Struggle to find time to fulfil your writing commitments?
  • Find you’re missing deadlines because other tasks always seem more urgent?
  • Agree there are probably more valuable ways you could spend your time?

Is it time to think about concentrating on your client work and outsourcing some of your writing requirements?

You could pay an agency for content.

I’m not really in a position to criticise this option because I currently write content on a regular basis for a national agency producing newsletters for several law firms. So you might already have seen (or even used) some of my writing without having been aware of it.

Agency writing certainly has its place, but shared content does have its limitations.

In a tough marketplace, you need to stand out. You need to build trust and credibility. I wonder to what degree that’s possible if you sound like everyone else out there.

Is the content you use tailored to your target audience – to their needs and their interests?

You could hire me to produce content.

Because it makes sense! You’ll be freed up to do other things knowing you have an experienced legal writer fulfilling your bespoke content needs, whether it’s a one-off requirement or a regular commitment.

I’ve written over 100 articles for law firms, and many have been picked up by the firm’s local media.

A number of my articles have also been published elsewhere:

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Don’t Let Love Blind You To Your Rights Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph

I can’t claim ancestry unfortunately, but I should be comfortable writing given my surname. And I am!

So, for all your blog, article and newsletter needs . . .

Get in touch now, and let’s talk about how a modern day Bard can help you share your story.

Call KazBard (a.k.a. Karen Shakespeare) on 07840 939358