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Health and Wealth: What is on your client’s bucket list?

Fotolia_51399697_S-2Having reached the age where life begins, I’ve become more aware of my life’s achievements and the things I still want to accomplish.  I was therefore interested to read the results of a recent survey carried out by a funeral director (CPJ Field & Co) which revealed the most popular  things people want to do before they die.

The results are split into two age groups; 18-44 and 45+.  The subtle differences between the two groups is fascinating.

Both groups listed travel as their main goal and seeing their children settled as their second highest priority.

The lists then start to differ.  The next two most important goals for 18-44 year olds is to get married and have children.  Understandably, these two aspirations don’t feature at all for the 45+ group.  They’ve already been there, done that!

For the over 45 year olds, it seems that fitting a few fun memories into later life becomes important. Their wishes include learning a foreign language, swimming with dolphins and visiting Disneyworld!

By Karen Shakespeare, 15th May 2013


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